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The genus Vachellia in the Fabaceae was published in. He discovered several new taxa and W.

Caralluma mammillaris. Hooker and John Lindley received some of his collections.

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Stapelia is a genus of low- growing, spineless, stem succulent plants, predominantly from South Africa with a few from other parts of veral Asian and Latin American species were formerly included but they have all now been transferred to other genera. The flowers of certain species, most notably Stapelia gigantea, can reach 41 cm ( 16 inches) in diameter when fully open.

ASCLEPIAD LISTING - STAPELIAD TYPES Since there are so many new asclepiads they will all be listed under this heading. All will be small plants for 2 inch pots UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED and at times they will be unrooted cuts ( not very often).

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Piante Grasse: OPUNTIE. Tutte le immagini di questa pagina sono ( c) Marcello Vaccari e non sono utilizzabili da nessuno senza il mio consenso. Vachellia: for Rev.
George Harvey Vachell, born in Littleport, Cambridgeshire, and an 1821 graduate of Cambridge University, chaplain to the British East India Company' s factory in Macao fromand a plant collector in China.